(Late) Monday Post?

Hello internet. Yes, it is indeed Monday. And I am posting. On a Monday. Wild.

In my defense, I was away all weekend and didn’t have my laptop, but I was thinking about topics I could post about all weekend long. I had visited my aunt down in New Jersey, which is about a three hour drive so of course there was lots of time to stare out the window and ponder about life and the future and all that jazz that just floats around in my head from time to time.

It led me to come to a realization. A pretty obvious one, but an eyeopening realization nonetheless.

At this exact moment, I will never be as young as I am right now. I will only continue to grow older and age as the years go by, as will you. (I know, disgusting, right??) I’ll only gain more responsibilities. I’ll only gain more money related issues. I’ll only find myself in more love life related predicaments. Things will be different, and things will remain the same. The memories I have with me today will stay with me, and only more will be added to my little collection in my head.

All my life I’ve always just wanted to hurry and grow up already – just like every other child that has ever lived. I’ve always heard adults say, “enjoy being a kid while you can!!! Have fun!! Don’t worry about adult things!!,” but I just brushed it off and a heavy sigh automatically exited my soul. I wanted to believe them in that moment as they were speaking, but at the same time, I was just too fond on the idea of growing up, being independent, and doing things I currently could not do. I wanted to be in high school. Hang out with my high school friends at the mall without my mom accompanying me. I wanted to go off to college. Be on my own and independent with no one to tell me how to live. I feel like I never took my childhood for granted as much as I should have. It enlightens me to remember how simple things were in my childhood years.

Everything was so easy and certain things will most likely continue to be easy, but most things will become difficult to get past and accomplish. Nostalgia overcomes me from time to time, but I always try to remember all of the great things in the future that is to come soon.

I don’t feel as if I’ve grown up too quickly and I know I still have about four to five good years before I’m an actual adult in the real world. There’s so many things I wish I could have taken advantage of, yet there are so many things I still have time to take advantage of. I am currently at that perfect age that I have always wanted to be at. Life will only continue. People will move on. Mistakes shall be made. Photo albums will be filled. Milestones will be met. Chapters of my life will end and new ones will begin.

Yes, at this current moment I will never be younger than I am right now. I still have time to take advantage of my young age and you all should too.

See you next weekend. XOXO




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