I Suck @ Blogging.

Hello internet. Title of this post says it all (lol). The last time I posted was like two weeks ago. Go me.  Last weekend I completely forgot about my little website and then this weekend the laziness just overcame my entire existence.

Although today is Monday, I’m still counting this day as apart of the weekend because of this beloved Memorial Day. Even though it was pouring all day here in New York, I hope all of you had a lovely day.

The past two weeks for me have been filled with me stressing over the fact that I have less than a month left of high school and that I still have a bit (jk it’s a lot) of college stuff to finalize before I can officially relax for the summer.

I’ve been also listening to the new Harry Styles debut album on a daily basis and 10/10 would highly recommend. At this moment I’m listening to Frank Ocean and scrolling through Instagram when I should be finishing up my ten page health paper that is due this Wednesday and I’m only four and a half pages done with it! Clearly have amazing time management!!! Also have a big presentation to look forward to sometime next week and I would rather fail that class than actually present my paper in front of my entire class. I also have studying for finals to stress about in the upcoming weeks so that should be gr8!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

Today I was supposed to go shopping for my graduation dress, but alas, the rain kept me and my momma inside the house so we will probably go next weekend. ALSO???? ALLERGIES??? WHO IS SHE??????//// I suddenly have been Dying from allergies?? Which has never really happened before so I took some medication and it made me pass out hard as HELL so I have been in bed for the entire day. But I still managed to shave my legs and illegally download a bunch of music to my phone so I count this day as productive.

I have also been researching possible tattoo ideas, but who knows when I’ll actually be brave enough to get one due to how much I hate needles and pain. I don’t even know what kind I’ll get, but I don’t want anything too big. Or maybe I’ll just get a piercing. Even though I’m scared to get one of those too.

I have no idea where the topic of this post is headed anymore, but I thought I’d update you all (if anyone even reads this) on my life.

See you next weekend (maybe?????)



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