Happy LGBT Pride Month!

Hello internet. Quick lil side note: I deadass don’t even know why my site is called The Weekend Thoughts when I do late posts on weekdays???? Laziness  truly overcomes me, however this is my last week of high school (clink clink!!) so we’ll see what the summer brings.

Okay kind of getting off topic, and I know I’m like a week late on this post since it’s already June 7th BUT!! It’s pride month! A month filled with appreciation and pride for our beautiful LGBT community.

As you’ve most likely seen on Snapchat, there’s been cute little rainbow filter pictures everyday so far in celebration of this month. Although some may feel that this month is unnecessary, I completely disagree with that headass-ery of a mindset. For decades, the LGBT community has been bullied and harassed over being who they are, which is unacceptable and although society has become a more loving and welcoming place, there are still a large group of people who continue to feel this way.

Despite the ongoing negativity, support this beautiful community! Go out, spread love, and participate in pride parades! From what I’ve seen, these parades are filled with love and positivity and give you a feeling of being accepted no matter who you are. I highly suggest participating in a parade in your local city, as I will try my best to attend one as well!

Kind of a short post, but I just wanted to say happy pride month and to remember to bask in all the rainbow glory.

Love yo self, be yo self, and treat yo self.

See ya next weekend y’allllllllllllll.



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