Weekend Update

Hello internet. High school is finally officially over!!! Yes bitch!!!!!!! My last test was on Thursday and I could not be happier 🙂 My first test that I took on Tuesday was my math final and I got my results pretty early seeing as my teacher literally called my house??? My heart dropped thinking that I actually failed my first ever final, however she just called to inform me that I had gotten a perfect score on my test. Clink clink bitches!! Ya girl is a math geek.

Also, since my graduation is at a local baseball stadium, I don’t have to go back to that school for anything and it feels so good to say that!!!!!

This weekend was a wild one. On Thursday my ass copped some Harry Styles floor tickets so catch me at MSG in 2k18! Lmfao yes, entire year away, but it’s my mans👅👅👅so I can wait. The last time I bought concert tickets was for my other mans Ed Sheeran and it was just as stressful as this time around. However, for both I managed to cop floor seats so it was worth it!!

On Saturday my friend and I attended a concert/music festival that my local radio station hosts annually and although it was her third time going, it was my first.

Kfest 6/17/17

We had pretty good seats, however since I’m the size of an actual 6th grader, whenever the girl in front of me stood up, of course I could barely see.  But! I finally got to see my girl Dua Lipa perform and she was beautiful!!! Not many people know about her seeing as her debut album was just released, but she is so talented so check her out yall! Another performance that surprised me was Clean Bandit. I had never even heard of them, but they were a girl band and their voices were so perfect AND they asses performed with string instruments like violins and cellos!!! I was shook!!

A lot of music that was played was EDM and new popular way too over played radio hits, which I’m not particularly a fan of (along with my friend), but it was still fun nonetheless.

Pic of me caught off guard. Jk. Not really.

My next concert that I have tickets for is in mid July so yall should hear more about that soon!!

Also, on Sunday was Father’s Day so I hope y’all had a great day with ya amazing dads as did I!!

Annnnnd that was my weekend!! I shall keep you updated if anything else exciting happens in my life.

See you next weekend. XOXO



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