Hello internet. I am officially a high school graduate!! 

I am so incredibly happy to be done with high school and that I’ll never have to encounter with the childish people I’ve been surrounded with the past four years. Even though my graduation ceremony was lowkey annoying, my graduation wasn’t quite as excruciatingly painful as my brother’s that I attended three years ago so I’m happy.

Me looking fre$h as hell in my cap and gown.

Unlike most high school grad ceremonies, mine was held outside in a small local baseball stadium and was hot as HELL. I was sweating the whole time and my dumbass didn’t bring any water. However, just like every high school grad ceremony, yes – it was long as hell.

All the cheesy words spoken by principals and class valedictorians that no one will remember. Gazing around and seeing all the faces you’ve looked at for as long as you can remember. All the parents with their expensive dslr cameras in the stands trying to get that perfect shot of their child receiving their first diploma (shout out to my mom for getting one with my camera!). Being surrounded by all your classmates one last time, for probably the last time for many students. When you think about it, it’s emotional and sad, but really, I couldn’t be happier that it’s over.

~Que some cute ass pics of me and my friends~


I’m not gonna go all deep and talk about the people who helped me get through the past four years and blah blah blah, however I’m quite proud of mysef for growing up, getting all A’s my last year of high school, and graduating with honors.

This weekend was an unforgettable one and I am so happy to be a high school graduate and to start my new life in college in just a few short months!โค๏ธ 

See you next weekend.



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