March Music Favorites.

Helllloooo internet. I’m back! So I recently started doing this new thing where I make monthly Spotify playlists of songs I discover throughout the month, and it’s led me to find music by artists I’ve never heard of before which is pretty cool. I love new music and I always find myself listening to the same songs and playlists over and over again. Since it’s the end of the month, I decided to share some of the songs I’ve been listening to lately. Partly because I have no one to share it with, and party because I want to share my music taste to the internet.

I also make extremely long playlists for some reason, but it’s fine lol.

  • Riots by Yahusha Kalev

This song has a chill reggae vibe to it that I love listening to when studying and doing homework.

  • Partners in Crime Part Three by The Internet

This song is a mooooood. Super chill and calming. Also recommend the rest of their album “Ego Death” if you’re into chill R&B music.

  • Empty by Olivia O’Brien

This song is an emo pop song I discovered when I was alone and feeling like shit, so of course it led to an emo breakdown. Kind of described exactly what I was feeling in that moment so now this generic sort of basic song has a place in my memories.

  • Pink Lemonade by James Bay

Loooooove this mans. Chaos And The Calm is such an amazing album, so I’m excited for his new album coming out soon.

  • 1950 by King Princess

For a first ever debut single, this song is amazing. Listened to it after Harry Styles tweeted lyrics from it, so thanks Harry.

  • Normal by Sasha Sloan

Yet another song I discovered while emo and alone. Love her voice and the whole mood of this song is something I relate to v much.

  • Birthday by Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon is a band that has made some of my favorite songs, and this is one I listened to on my birthday because, yeah, I’m that type of person.

  • Charlie Brown by Rejjie Snow

This song!!!!! Such a mood and I love it so much. Also highly recommend his other song “Egyptian Luvr” feat. Amine and Dana Williams.

  • Pink Lemonade by Rejjie Snow

Yes, another Rejjie Snow song. (Also another song with the same title hehe.) His album just came out this past February and I’ve been bumpin a lot because I love chill R&B music. This song also has lyrics referencing birthdays so yeah, fight me I guess.

  • Midnight by Logic

This is a pretty lit rap song that stood out for me from his new mixtape. (Also RIP his marriage with Jess </3 I’ll marry you instead boo men ain’t SHIT!!)

  • LAMB by Brockhampton

YALLLLLLLLL. I’ve listened to this on repeat far too many times this month. Love Brockhampton and all their songs so much and I wish this was on their album so I could actually put it in my Spotify playlist.

  • One Night Only by Sonder

Super super chill R&B song that I love so much. Another song that I listen to while studying and doin homework a lot. Have yet to listen to their other songs, but I probably will soon.

  • Warm by Dre’es feat. Mia

Discovered this song on a bus ride to the city to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and had it on repeat for half the ride there. Now whenever I listen to it, it brings back memories from that day. Love love love love love.

  • Arizona by snny

Surprise: another chill alternative R&B song.

  • Oh Well by Hate Drugs

Switching it up with an indie song. The vibe of this reminds me of the music by COIN and I love that so much. (If yall don’t already, please listen to COIN right now.) Couldn’t find a YouTube video, but I also recommend On My Own by them as well (a song about being lonely which is a fat mood for me wow what a shocker).

  • This Side of Paradise by Coyote Theory

“I’ve never been in love, I’ve been alone”. “If you’re lonely come be lonely with me”. Yeah another song about (sort of) being alone because I suck and it’s what I relate to the most. (This one is more indie alt!)

  • Moon River by Frank Ocean (Cover)

This song dropped last month and it is still on repeat. 10/10 would die for Frank Ocean. No I’m not being dramatic.

  • Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes

A FAT BOP. WE LOVE HER. In My Blood is also a cute girl, but this one has been on repeat literally everyday since it dropped.

  • The Fog by LAYNE

This is an upbeat pop song that I somehow really love. Perfect song to shower to and to listen to while getting ready in the morning!

  • Seventeen by Johnny Rain

Discovered this song close to the end of my spring break, and it kind of reminds me of something Frank Ocean would produce. Love it so much, and love the nostalgic vibe this gives off as well. Listening to this on repeat makes me remember being 17, and it brings back all the regrets I have about how I didn’t truly appreciate being that age more than I should have.


Okay, wow. I apologize for the irrational length of this post, but I’ve just discovered so many new songs and I love them all. I’ll link my actual Spotify playlist (that is deadass 3 hours long lol) below because it has even more songs that I didn’t include because I thought this was long enough. If anyone even happened to read this, comment your fav song from this list!!

See you next weekend!!

M.P xx


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