Lorde Concert 2018 Brooklyn, NY

Hello internet! I’m back. So, this past Wednesday night has been one of the most special nights of my life. The last concert I went to was this past July, so I desperately needed that two hour long feeling of what seems like never ending bliss and happiness, and I’m so grateful Lorde was that happiness.

Pure Heroine and Melodrama are two albums that have touched me in this indescribable way no other albums have before. With everything occurring in my life at the moment including college and just constant feelings of being alone and confused about life, this show was something that couldn’t have been at a more perfect time. Pure Heroine was there for me when I needed it in high school, and now Melodrama is here for me when I need it in college.

Up until last night, I have never teared up and cried at a concert due to being filled with so much emotion from an artist. Her words between songs are incredibly powerful, as are her lyrics. There was one specific moment before “Writer in the Dark” that personally touched me, and I’m so happy I recorded it on my phone. For this show I wanted to record as least as possible so I could hold it in my memories, and only my memories. However this speech was an exception that I’m happy is saved in my camera roll and I can open it whenever I need to hear it:

“I had written this body of work about love, and youth, and permanence, and impermanence. I had sort of been talking to some people about it and they were kind of like, ‘Don’t you feel bad? Don’t you feel bad, kind of immortalizing everyone we know in this way?’ And I remember thinking, ‘Fuck that’. You have to be whatever it is you were meant to be. There is no other life. You have to be the vivid dreamer. You have to be the over-reactor. You have to be the hopeless romantic. You have to be the writer.”

Her words hit me in that moment, and I had never experienced anything like this. I could just feel the connection she had with the entirety of the audience, and I felt it carry throughout the song. My seats in the arena were pretty far away, being a college student and not having money to spend on a floor ticket, but my camera managed to get some good pictures so it didn’t matter anyway lol. (pics below!!)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Lorde – Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY 4/4/18
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Lorde – Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY 4/4/18
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Lorde – Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY 4/4/18
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Lorde with Jack Anonoff!! – Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY 4/4/18

About midway through the concert, she announced she was going to bring out one of her close friends and I immediately knew who it was!!!!! Being a fan of Jack’s band, Bleachers, I already knew he was playing a show in Manhattan that night so it made sense for him to visit and I’m so happy he did!! They both worked together on Melodrama right there in Brooklyn, and it was so cool to see them both on stage together. The show as a whole was something so breathtaking to watch; the dancers, her voice, getting to listen to songs I’ve listened to for years from the person who wrote them. It’s definitely what I’ll be looking forward to the next time she tours.

This night was one that I will hold in my heart forever and I’m writing this now three days after the concert, listening to a playlist composed of the whole set list in order because concert withdrawals are in fact a real thing. I still have moments where I remember that indescribable experience I felt in that arena, and it makes me feel that things in the future will be alright for me. I just hope this feeling lasts.

Thanks for reading, see you next weekend!!

M.P xx


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