Finals Week!

Hello internet. The worst week of college has arrived. Tomorrow is my final day of classes for the semester, and then Hell Week begins. Studying in 80 degree weather truly makes it seem like actual hell. New York has been wildin out with this summer type of weather when it isn’t even June yet smh.

I currently have three tests to study for, two papers to write, and one presentation to prepare for.  As of right now, I’m trying to finish my papers and prepare for my presentation seeing as how much I have to do for all of that, yet I probably should be studying for my tests as well. As always: too much shit to do and not enough time to do it all. Ugh, goals.

Anyway I definitely should have gotten a lot more shit done this weekend, however my friend from high school decided to visit for my school’s spring fest, so I ended up being busy all weekend! Wild! A typical weekend for me usually consists of me doing homework and catching up on tv shows (jk I just watch reruns of The Office or Friends). Instead we went to the mini concert the school had (which consisted of three rap artists I’d never listened to before), but my ticket was free for being a student so I just went anyway for the ~experience~. All in all I had a good time, but this was only from the alcohol I drank in the bathroom that our friend snuck in. Today we ended up going to the mall (which is about 40 minutes from my campus), and we ended up being there for five hours and I didn’t even buy anything lol. My friend’s friends were all so nice and I’m just realizing now that I don’t even have any of their numbers, so that’s cool. Just from this weekend I need a whole day to recharge and do nothing, but with everything with school I truly cannot so RIP.

Last semester during finals week, I spent it half studying and half doing literally nothing. With so much free time I definitely took advantage of it when I really should’ve studied a bit more (or a lot more. I passed all my classes so that is all that really matters). This semester I’m going to try my best to make studying my priority and try not to let my lazy tendencies take over with the excess amount of free time I’ll have. Two of my professors are going to have review sessions, which I desperately need after not paying attention for half of the semester. Two more weeks left and I’m free!!!! Also note to self: I really need to apply for jobs this week so I could start as soon as possible when I get home.

Late Sunday post tonight (literally almost forgot to even make a post, so kinda proud of myself for keeping up with this still), but I hope y’all had a great weekend! See you next weekend!!!

M.P xx


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