Freshman Year???

Hello internet! This bitch officially finished her first year of college!!!!!! And now there’s boxes and suitcases all over my room which is becoming painful to look at, but I still can’t bring myself to put any of my stuff away.

As of now, four out of five of my professors have graded my finals and I got three A’s and one B (and most likely will get a B on my ungraded final) so that’s pretty gr8. Pretty sure I’ll have two A’s as final grades and three B’s which is also gr8 because my motivation this semester was the absolute worst™.

For the summer I’m mainly planning on working and that’s basically it! Goalz! I already had an interview this past Friday that went surprisingly well, and I’m just waiting for an email to see if I’m actually going to start training. In case you were wondering: yes I am obsessively checking for email updates every half hour, so that’s fun.  I also have yet to see any of my few high school friends seeing as they’re all probably busy and I can’t drive so they’d have to pick me up, which they probably won’t want to do lmaooo. So truly hope I get this job soon so I could have something to do this summer other than me rewatching the same tv shows over and over again.

As for this blog maybe I’ll think of things to write about, or maybe I’ll just update biweekly rather than weekly. Actually now that I think about it maybe writing will be something I could be doing to take my mind off the fact that I have absolutely no friends to hang out with (lol). Also something I want to do more this summer is use my camera, seeing as I haven’t used it much during college and I miss taking photos so much. Maybe I’ll save up for a new camera too.

Feel like I don’t really have much to update on, or maybe my brain is just still wired up from the end of the semester and I can’t form proper thoughts/sentences. Anyway, see you next weekend!

M.P xx


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