Summer Update

Helllloooo internet. Haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d update on what I’ve been doing this summer so far. Actually forced myself to open this tab on my laptop since I’ve had absolutely no motivation whatsoever to do anything productive lately.

It is now July. Still thought it was June for this past week for some reason. Guess it was because the month of June fucking dragged for what seemed like twelve weeks. Just checked my blog and the last time I posted was in literal May so yikes lol. June was mostly a month filled with catching up on new TV shows I started (i.e Desperate Housewives, which I still cannot stop watching. Queer Eye is on my list as well). This month has also been one filled every week of me looking forward to Monday night so I can watch the Bachelorette (lmfao) (this show is so good) (I hate myself for giving in and actually liking it). I also began officially working again!!! Which sucks and is so energy draining due to how much I deal with bitchy customers, but it’s nice to finally have something to do and get paid for it.

The only memorable thing about this month was my Harry Styles concert I went to in NYC at Madison Square Garden!!!!! I was going to write an entire post about it, but I didn’t bring my camera so I didn’t have a good cover image to insert, and pure laziness took over (shocker). The show was amazing and I ended up scamming my way to section B barricade where he walks through and he touched my hand so thank you @ Harry Styles. My next upcoming concert is this September for Niall Horan (because I’m still a 1D bitch), so I’m thinking I’ll definitely try to make a separate post for that one!! (I’m planning on bringing my camera this time so let’s hope I get good pics).

I guess another memorable thing that happened in June was the fact that I traveled alone to NYC then to Long Island completely by myself! Still surprised my mom even let me do that (lmfao), but it was to visit my old college roommate for her birthday, which actually sucked. I (again) was going to make this a whole separate post, but I’m way too lazy to do it. So basically I visited her and it was nice and fun at first (ya know), then I realized I wouldn’t even know anyone who was going to be attending the birthday party and wanted to actually go home and die. I drank and it was good for like literally an hour and then my anxiety kicked in despite the alcohol, which then made me create the excuse of a headache and I proceeded to hide in her bedroom with her cat for the rest of the night. Haha. Love parties. So fun. I actually started writing a post about it on my notes on my phone while I was in her room, but accidentally deleted it and I refuse to rewrite the whole thing.

Also! Officially scheduled my road test for three weeks from this past friday!!!!! Have no idea how to park correctly (especially parallel park) and I’m still lowkey nervous about driving in general, but I clearly need to learn everything in the next few weeks. Constantly having to look for rides to work and not even being able to go places on my own is truly one of the most frustrating things at the moment, so I can’t wait until I don’t have to do that anymore.

Sooooo I think I covered all of the major things that happened during the month of June, so that’s it for this post!! If I come up with any source of motivation/inspiration next weekend, I’ll see yall then!!!!!!!

M.P xx



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